The Torque Sight creates an additional point of aiming alignment and helps you hold the bow exactly the same for every shot.  Reduce or eliminate twist by keeping the front pins equally spaced between the colored bands.  A Torque Sight allows you to focus on the target at all times instead of looking at other devices on your bow.  The colored bands appear in your peripheral vision and act as an aid giving real time feed back on your grip and alignment.

    To install a Torque Sight on your bow, do not remove your existing front pin sight.  Remove the quiver if one exists and place the Torque Sight on the out side of your pin sight with the forked end facing the strings for both right and left handed shooters. The Torque Sight will fit the holes provided in the frame of your bow or in your front pin sight.

    Place two rubber bands over the forked end of the Torque Sight about one inch apart. Safely draw your bow and relax the front hand before taking note of the distance between the rubber bands and the front pins.  Safely let down the bow before adjusting the rubber bands to create an even space left and right of the front pins when at full draw. This often takes more than one try to begin.

In this video the bow is held at arms length and twisted side to side in order to show the movement of the Torque Sight after the strings are adjusted evenly on each side.

When at full draw, notice the space increasing and decreasing left or right between the desired site pin and rubber bands. The space right and left of the pins should be equal when the hand is relaxed.